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What is EPQ?

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is an A-level standard standalone qualification which students can opt to take as an extension of other Level 3 qualifications. Students need to plan and carry out research on a topic that they've chosen.

The project can be in the form of an essay or a report, an artifact or a production. Essays or reports should be 5,000 words long while all projects must include a written report of minimum 1000 words. Once the projects are completed, students must give a short presentation about the project. Depending on the grade achieved, students can gain between 8 - 28 UCAS tariff points.

The EPQ is well-recognised by many universities. Some value and encourage students to take EPQ, as Cambridge put it; “We welcome the EPQ and would encourage applicants to take one as it will help to develop independent study and research skills valuable for higher education.” Besides, some make an alternative offer to an applicant based on their EPQ grade. For example, at the University of Birmingham, applicants who take the EPQ and meet its offer criteria will be made two offers: the standard offer and an alternative offer which will be one grade lower plus a grade A in the EPQ. For example, where the standard offer is AAA, the two offers would be AAA; or AAB plus A in the EPQ.

Thus we encourage our members and mentees to take EPQ to build competitive edges due to the increasingly fierce competition. If you need any help or assistance with topic choice or research guidance, please feel free to contact us.

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