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US University Admission Rates for 2021 Entry

It has never been easy to get into elite universities, and with the surge in application for the 2021 entry, due to the policy of temporary suspension of the submission of SAT or ACT scores in response to the pandemic, resulted in the record-low admission rates at some Ivy League schools such as Harvard University.

We have listed out the admission rates as well as the standardised scores of the 2021 entry at some of the elite universities including the Ivy League Schools, to help this year’s candidates better understand where they are in the application pool.

We strongly suggested applicants to prepare early and submit their applications in the Early Admission round of application to increase the chances of getting admitted. Although the suspension of submission of standardised tests is still in effect at many schools this year, it is also advisable to achieve a satisfactory score to stand out from the competitors.

If you need any help with application or preparation for the standardized tests, please feel free to contact us.

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