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University Pre-Interview Assessment Series - TSA

TSA, the Thinking Skills Assessment, is required by Oxford, Cambridge and UCL for the admission to some of their undergraduate courses. Given that most candidates to these world renowned universities are well-qualified students from all around the world, TSA, which provide additional evaluation of the applicant's problem solving ability, aside from their academic achievement and alongside with other application materials such as the personal statement, reference letter and the predicted grades etc will help admission tutors to shortlist the best students who will succeed in the study.

Format and Requirement on TSA

TSA consists of two sections, Section 1 of multiple-choices questions and Section 2, writing task.

Not all three universities or courses require candidates to sit both sections. Admission to most courses at Oxford such as PPE or Experimental Psychology require students to complete the whole test, while Cambridge Land Economy, Oxford Economics & Management as well as UCL require the result of Section 1 only. The details are listed in the graph below.

Test Date and Registration

The test date of TSA 2021 is set on November 3. Registration for the test opens on 1 September and the candidates should complete their registration through an authorised test centre for the test by October 15.

The TSA , though tests the skills and aptitudes that students might have already possessed, also needs thorough preparation and techniques training. If you are in need of professional advice on the preparation of TSA, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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