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UK Law School Admission Series- LNAT

LNAT (“The Law National Aptitude Test”, also known as National Admissions Test for Law), is a test that helps UK law schools to shortlist candidates who have the right aptitude for undergraduate law study . Instead of testing academic subject knowledge, it assesses one’s general comprehension and reasoning (deducting, inference and lateral implication) skills, both are vital for the study and practice of law.

Currently, 9 renowned UK universities require LNAT as part of the admission process. They are Bristol, Durham, Glasgow, KCL, LSE, Nottingham, Oxford, SOAS, UCL, as well as two other schools internationally, SUSS Singapore University of Social Sciences and IE University in Spain.

How Does The LNAT Work

The test consists of two parts. Section A is a computer-based exam designed to test comprehension ability with a mark out of 42. For Section B, the essay writing is typed with an ideal length of 500 to 600 words long. The 2 sections are scored independently from each other.

Both LNAT MCQs and the essay are available to the participating universities. Thus, if the applicant’s Section A score is below expectation, he/she could potentially try to win the admission committee’s heart with excellent writing and reasoning skills demonstrated in the essay.

Each university values a different average LNAT result each year. The mean scores (section A) of the successful applicants for Oxford University in 2020 was 29. For further information, please refer to "Report on the 2020 Admissions Round" provided by Somerville College, Oxford.

Registration and Booking

For September 2022 university enrollment, the registration and booking of the LNAT opens on 2 August 2021. Test starts on 1 September, and can be taken before or after sending off the UCAS application.

For Oxford applicants, be reminded to take it before UCAS deadline. While for other universities, remember to sit the test by Jan 2022 the latest.

As LNAT is in the process of finalising the schedule. Key dates are to be announced in due course , so stay tuned for our update!

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