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The Hardest and Easiest Subjects to Get Into at Cambridge

As it’s time to start the preparation for 2022 enrollment, it is crucial to look into previous application success rates and admission requirements in order to prepare well and decide what major to choose.

We have listed out the 5 undergraduate subjects at Cambridge with the lowest and highest application success rate in 2020 cycle, as well as their requirements for 2022 entry.

According to Cambridge's website, on average across all subjects, the university typically receives five applications per place, but there is some variation between courses, and success rates are very similar from college to college every year, despite application numbers varying considerably each year.

The admission is offered to students of the highest academic ability and potential, so candidates need to start to make thorough preparation as early as possible to win the intense competition. If you need professional admission advice or coaching on A-level, IB, or pre-interview assessments, please feel free to contact us!

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