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Medicine Admission Series - UCAT

UCAT (“the University Clinical Aptitude Test”), the admission test used by majority number of UK medical schools e.g. King’s College London, University of Bristol, University of Edinburgh, is a key selection criteria that helps admissions offices to identify candidates who possess the right attitude, mental ability and professional behaviours to read Medicine or Dentistry at university as well as future careers.

UCAT is a 2-hour computer-based test with 233 multiple choice questions in 5 subtests (refer to diagram below for subtests content). Before each subtest, there is a one-minute instruction time. However, once the test begins and the countdown starts, the test cannot cannot be paused in any way.

Candidates should note that each subtest’s full score is 900 except for Situational Judgement which ranges from Band 1 (Highest) to Band 4 (Lowest). In 2019, the average UCAT per section score was 620 and in 2020 the average was 628.

Approximately 30 medical/dental schools in the UK while 15 in Australia and New Zealand require UCAT result as part of the application process, and each university uses it differently. Some only consider candidates that obtain UCAT scores that surpass the university’s pre-determined cut-off threshold, while others consider the scores alongside personal statements and additional academic achievements such as IGCSE results and/or predicted grades. Candidates are suggested to contact the admissions office of each school for its specific selection standards.

UCAT 2021 Key Dates

Registration for UCAT 2021

To prepare for this competitive test, candidates must familiarise themselves with UCAT-style questions, master the strategies and practice by sitting full-length mock exams. Norton house has successfully helped students with the preparation and medical school application in the past 10 years. If you need help with professional help with UCAT preparation, please feel free to contact us at 2972 2698!

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