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Medicine Admission Series- BMAT

BMAT, the BioMedical Admissions Test, helps admission committees at world-leading universities to identify applicants who will succeed in medicine, biomedicine, veterinary and dentistry undergraduate courses.

In addition to universities across the UK including Cambridge, Oxford, UCL, Imperial, Leeds, Brighton & Sussex Medical School, Lancaster and Keele University (overseas applicants only, home applicants sit the UCAT), some universities in Europe and Asia also require applicants to sit the test.

What Is Included in BMAT?

BMAT, which tests scientific and mathematical knowledge as well as problem solving, critical thinking and writing skills, can help candidates to stand out from the fierce admission competition (especially since there is a quota for international intake e.g. Cambridge can only admit 21 international medical students each year). The 2-hour test includes three sections which are shown in the graph below.

How Is It Scored?

In Sections 1 and 2, one question is worth 1 mark each. Total raw marks for each section are converted to BMAT's scale, which runs from 1 (low) to 9 (high). Typical BMAT candidates score around 5.0.


All UK medical schools require either BMAT or UCAT result. Candidates are strongly suggested to check the school website for specific requirements, and register before deadlines!

The major differences between the two exams can be found in the table.

Test Dates and Registration

BMAT are usually taken in September and November every year. However, candidates can only take one session during the admission cycle. Candidates who sit the test in September will receive their score, which is usually released 3 weeks after the test date, before the UCAS deadline, while those who take the exam in November receive their results after the UCAS deadline.

Most universities accept results from either session while Oxford accepts results of the November test only.

Candidates can find more information and the latest update on Cambridge Assessment Admission Testing webpage.

If you require professional advice regarding medicine admissions or preparation of BMAT/UCAT, contact Norton House for further assistance!

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