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Get Ready for UK University Admissions in 2024: Key Dates and Updates on Admission Tests

Many of our members have already started preparing for their applications to UK universities in 2024. The registration dates for some of the admission tests have been confirmed. BMAT, TMUA and ENGAA will open for registration on September 1, while UCAT will open for registration in June.

Admission Test Updates

Starting from 2024 (for 2025 entry), BMAT, TMUA, and ENGAA will be withdrawn from the organisation that currently operates them, thus we suggest mentees pay close attention to alternative arrangements.

LSE, which typically requires TMUA for subjects such as Mathematics with Economics, states on its website that applicants for the BSc of Economics are encouraged to share the results of TMUA as "good performance on the test may increase the competitiveness of your application."

We will keep a close eye on the latest developments in the admission tests and encourage our mentees to plan their applications and prepare for the tests as early as possible.

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