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Common Application Deadlines

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Common Application, an online platform on which students can apply for most universities and colleges in the US, launched the application for 2022 enrollment in August 2021.

It is a platform that helps streamline the application process for students around the world. Students have to fill out details that are generic and required by most schools, including personal details, extracurricular activities and the personal statement once on the platform thus all applied universities would have access to the information.

In addition, for universities that the applicants are interested in, they could also select on the platform and process the application accordingly. Each chosen university will become a tab under the overall application with listing their individual requirements such as additional essays, number of referees and who they should be (e.g. university counselor or subject teacher). Applicants should pay attention to the requirements carefully.

Each common application could allow 20 college selections.

We have listed out the admission deadlines (both Early Action and Regular Action) for 2022 enrollment of the top schools ranked by US News, as well as of the University of. California. Hope our members find it useful.

We would like to remind applicants that MIT uses its own platform, and that the University of California, which has several campuses including UC Berkeley and UCLA, also has its own online application system. Students can apply to all the UC campuses using the same application, and each school considers the application separately, without knowing the status of the application at other campuses.

In the past decade, Norton House has helped several students successfully enroll in renowned universities in the US. If you need help with Common App or application and standardized test preparation, please feel free to let us know.

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