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Application for Oxbridge 2022 Entry

It is already May and crunch time for UK university applicants to hurry up with the application for 2022 admissions!

To help keep your applications on track, we have prepared this timetable for Oxbridge 2022 entry to reference upon.

Candidates need to check the respective website of these two universities for the updated dates. We also strongly suggest candidates:

  • Conduct detailed research on the specific requirements of the colleges and courses that they plan to apply for; some might need additional essay submissions, etc.

  • As registration dates, deadlines and test dates of pre-interview assessments may vary, candidates need to make sure they register the corresponding tests by the deadlines and prepare well;

  • Candidates should also notice that some courses require at-interview assessments;

  • For some courses e.g. history, candidates night need to submit one or two written work. Candidates need to find out the requirements on the writing samples on the web pages of the courses or they would be emailed to you after application by the college.

Norton house has successfully helped numerous candidates to gain admission to Oxbridge in the past decade. If you need any advice on the application for Oxbridge or other UK universities, please feel free to contact us!

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