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Application Deadlines of Canadian Universities

Applications to the universities in Canada have already started. To better help our members with their application process, we have listed out the deadlines of undergraduate admission of four renowned Canadian universities, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University and University of Waterloo.

Applicants for University of Toronto and University of Waterloo need to apply on OUAC (the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre), which is a centralised application service for applicants to Ontario universities. Students can just fill in the general information on the platform once, and apply for multiple universities.

Students who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents and are not currently attending an Ontario high school day program (in Ontario or abroad), should use the OUAC 105 for the application, while those who are taking courses during the day at an Ontario high school need to choose OUAC 101.

We would also like to remind applicants who are residing out of Canada and not studying, and have not studied in Canada, and applying only to University of Toronto that they might apply using the “University of Toronto International application” system.

There is no common deadline for the OUAC 105 applications as deadlines vary at each university, so we suggest students refer to the website of each university for specific and updated deadlines.

Students who wish to apply for University of British Columbia and McGill University can apply on the university website respectively.

If you need assistance with the application to the universities in Canada, please feel free to let us know.

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