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Announcement of the First Batch of Recognised Overseas Medical Qualifications

The HKSAR Government has announced the first batch of recognised medical qualifications, which are 27 universities from the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Singapore, including renowned universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, UCL, Imperial, Yale, and Stanford. This initiative, which allows qualified non-locally trained doctors and graduates to serve in the public healthcare system in Hong Kong, is to help solve the current shortage of doctors in the system.

Doctors with medical qualifications recognised by these universities can apply for special registration to practise at Hong Kong public health agencies (HA, DH, HKU, CUHK, etc. ) if they meet certain criteria. After a certain service period, if they obtain a recognised specialist qualification and pass the assessment, they will be fully permitted to practice in Hong Kong. Medical graduates who hold recognised qualifications but have not undergone an internship outside Hong Kong, can apply for a specific registration by taking Licensing Examination of the Medical Council of Hong Kong in order to apply for special registration to practise in the public healthcare institutions. They may also obtain full registration after meeting the requirements applicable to all special registration doctors.

Students who plan to pursue further studies outside Hong Kong can refer to the full list of the first batch of medical qualifications at when making their decisions. If you need help or advice on applying for overseas medical school, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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