The Importance of Reading

The Importance of Reading

We have all heard it before – you should read more! Books are good for you! When are you going to pick up a book? While all of these points are true, have you ever stopped to wonder why that is the case? How does reading actually help me, and why is it something that I should implement into my routine?


Reading is a Fundamental Skill 閱讀是一項基本技能
You’d be surprised at the number of adults who struggle to fill in forms correctly! Why else would people at airport customs have such grumpy looks on their faces?


Reading Develops the Mind 閱讀拓展思維
The mind is a muscle, and muscles need exercise. Evidently, being able to understand the written word helps the mind grow and mature, which is why reading helps overall language skills develop.


Discover New Things 發掘新事物
When you read a book you are reading the thoughts of another human being, another living person whose mind is being exposed on a page. Evidently he or she is trying to communicate a message, and this is how humans are able to learn and absorb new things.


Develop Your Imagination 開發想像力
As opposed to being provided with visual stimuli as you would with a movie or video game, the words on a page create images within your mind and encourage your imagination to operate.


Improve Cognition 提升認知能力
By enhancing your language skills, the chances of you understanding a wider variety of school subjects are greatly enhanced. For instance, being an effective and efficient reader entails you would be able to decipher “wordy” mathematical problems at a higher level, or even come to terms with philosophical theories in a more direct and understanding manner.


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