Merry Christmas!

To make this Christmas a truly fun and educational one, between 14 – 18, 21 – 24, and 28 – 31 December 2015, we have specially designed the following 2-Lesson (total 4 hours) programmes: 


Kindergarten Christmas Programme - Santa's Little Helper. 

Santa’s Little Helper

Create your own Merry Xmas! Taught by native English teachers excelled in early childhood education, students will learn to design and build beautiful handicrafts and ornaments to be used to decorate your own Xmas tree.  Bring home their very own unique Christmas tree, ornaments and wreath. Make friends with fellow Santa’s little helper, AND learn to speak perfect English!!!

Primary Level I

Write a Job Application to Become Santa’s Assistant

Come up with an attractive job application (cover letter and resume, etc!) to become Santa’s Elfish Assistant and start helping Santa write his speeches, letters, poems, and even lyrics for the new carol! This creative writing class will definitely bring you the writing skills to another level, with a magical Christmassy touch!

Primary Level I Christmas Programmes 

Santa’s Science Centre

Not even Santa can make wonders without some knowledge in science! Come learn with Santa through experiments the magic (I mean, science) behind volcano eruptions, magnetism, and molecular gastronomy! Can you actually eat them? Yes you can! This Christmas only!

Primary Level II

North Pole News Express

So you have received promotion to Elfditor-in-Chief for Santa. Your first task is to come up with your very own Christmas newspaper.  Work with your fellow Elfditors to write news, articles, columns, elfditorials, and many more so the newspaper can be published on time! Oh, did I mention there are many problems to solve?
 Primary Level II Christmas Programmes

Santa’s Chemistry Lab

It is time to dig deeper into what things are actually made of! Where better to start than from the very chemicals that together make the substance around us? This year you do not need a Christmas tree, but a Chemis-TREE!  Learn the chemical elements and their properties, and find out how they react with one another!


Christmas Crime Mystery CSI

So you say Santa is not real? We know, but crimes are real!!! Become the forensics experts this Christmas to help solve some cases! Learn about scientificinvestigation, finger-printing, Thin Layer Chromatography, and DNA sampling.  You can even bring your own DNA home in a test-tube!

Secondary Christmas Programmes 

Sleigh Aero-Engineering

Our Research & Development experts are always working hard to make sure our reindeers (I mean, sleigh) go faster so Santa and deliver his gifts quickly and come back for an episode of Top Gear.  This year, you can come help out with the research and learn about displacement, velocity, and acceleration.  Oh, and to make gifting even faster, how about free falling the gifts from the sleigh?

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