Surviving the IB Diploma
IB課程 致勝指南!

IB課程 致勝指南!

Surviving the IB Diploma

As students transition from middle school to senior school, some may feel a sense of shock or disbelief at the amount of work they now face! Students around the world are left in a state of panic, struggling to figure out how they can simultaneously manage their personal lives and studies. Luckily for you, the Norton House Team have devised a set of points that will keep you ahead of the pack for your IB career!

很多學生面臨升學,有時會因學業繁重而自我懷疑。其實,全世界學生都在面對類似問題,希望同時兼顧生活與學業。而看到這篇文章的你,就幸運的多,因為Norton House 專業團隊已經在IB課程之前,提前梳理注意事項!


1.Accept Change 接受改變

You are starting your final year of secondary school, an important part of your academic career as this determines what sort of path you take for the rest of your soon-to-be adult lives. With this in mind, one should be prepared to accept and welcome any changes that may occur – for example, your social life. If you want to do well, you must put the necessary work in. It’s as simple as that! Make some sacrifices in the short-term and be rewarded with long-term rewards and achievements.



2.Procrastination 拖延時間

Ahh yes, it’s that word again. So many brave souls have tried to conquer this seemingly unavoidable ritual over the years, and so many have failed. But how did the successful ones manage? Again, it’s a simple theory of mind over matter. The only thing that is stopping you from picking up your pencil right now and hitting the books is you! There is no electric fence around your study material, have a strong mind and get to it! Rome wasn’t built in a day, and success will not fall on your lap.



3.Priorities 優先順序

Now that we’ve already dealt with the “change in social life” topic, it’s time to talk about your subject priority. Are you one of those students that is particularly strong in a specific subject area, yet very weak in another? Or are you more of an all-rounded individual? Identify your weaknesses and make them your strengths – just like Michael Jordan did. Listen to your teachers and always try to improve – put your dominant subjects to one side and pay attention to your weak points!



4.Consistency 始終如一

If there is one thing we have all learnt from IB, it is this: you cannot expect to work at school and use the rest of the day to play Xbox – no, that simply will not do. If you are determined to do well and prove the doubters wrong, you must continue studying at home and in your own time. Remember, you go through several classes a day which go on for no longer than an hour. Even the best teacher can only explain so much in one hour without rushing. Go home, go through what was taught during the day, do your homework, and more importantly make sure you understand it!



5.Positivity 保持積極

Of course, no one can get through such a rigorous and intense school programme without a positive mind set to support themselves. Remember, when you hear your schoolmates start to complain about the work they have to do – don’t let them bring out your negative thoughts. Be positive, respond with something along the lines of “yeah, just got to get it done!” and keep your head down. Not only will you keep yourself motivated and concentrated, but you will also help those around you!



We hope you use these points to the best of your advantage when it comes to undertaking your IB diploma and achieving success. While we are not currently in the students’ shoes, remember that we were also at school and successfully undertook the diploma. There is a reason you see many of the points above being repeated in IB forums – THEY MAKE A DIFFERENCE! So, accept things have to change because you’re older, stop delaying work, get your priorities sorted, work consistently, and be positive! There you have it – the Norton House recipe for IB success.

我們希望你能在IB課程中記住以上要點,取得學業上的成功!以上很多提及的重點,其實在IB論壇上已經多次提及,相信它們會讓你變得與眾不同!所以,接受改變,停止拖延,優先順序排好,始終如一保持學習,並且保持積極心態!這就是Norton House為你準備的IB致勝寶典!

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