Summer Programme 2017
An International Academic World Tour…

Summer Programme 2017

Summer Programme 2017

What Will You Experience?

This summer, prepare yourself for the educational experience of a lifetime – the Norton House Academic Team will provide students with the opportunity to experience the very best of what different nations around the world have to offer when it comes to intellectual development.

Join us and delve into a journey of knowledge sharing and explore what various power countries and innovative nations have contributed to the development of human society as we know it! Journey with us through China, the US, and the UK, and see what it’s like to learn from various perspectives.


Linguist Series

Are you interested in developing your media and art skills? Check out Norton House’s Performance & Film summer course, where students will have the chance to create their own blockbuster film from scratch! Or how about developing your grammatical and overall English foundation? Interested in enhancing your verbal communication skills? Look no further than our Diplomat and Lawyer programme, encouraging students to think outside the box and gain confidence.


Brilliance Series

Perhaps you are more interested in Science? Why not have a read of our Aerodynamics & Space course, engaging students with practical tasks and fun experiments! Or enhance your reasoning and logical thinking skills with our Mastermind & Deduction segment by tackling some of the world’s most puzzling mind twisters and mysterious solutions!


Professional Series

Are you ready for the next step in your academic journey? Students either worry excessively when it comes to choosing high school or university subjects, and others think they know what they want to do, yet wish they chose something else after experiencing it at a higher level.

Neither of these situations is ideal, and to help students make the best possible choices for their academic future, the Norton House Academic Team have tailored a Professional Series. This course aims to provide students with a clearer idea of what studying a certain subject at university level will be like. This results in less stress, less confusion, and a much clearer ideas as to what the next step should be.


Admission Coaching & Advisory

Aiming to study at prestigious universities or boarding schools? Norton House is proud to offer their flagship university Admission Coaching & Advisory package to prospective students for summer 2017. Enhance your personal portfolio and interview preparation skills, tailored specifically towards your needs, strengths, and desired university subjects. Norton House is proud to announce that our Oxbridge acceptance rate in 2017 stood strong at a record 85%, and over 5,000 students have been successfully admitted since 2008.


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Brilliance & Linguist Series Timetable

Professional Series Timetable


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