11 – 18 Years Old (S1 – S6)

Students nowadays lack the ability to foresee their future in the real world. By incorporating themes based on popular professions, our programmes are developed and tailored to give students a better understanding of their prospective career path.

Furthermore, examination required techniques for subjects including Liberal Studies, Economics, Business & Accounting and English will be enhanced through interactive and inquisitive activities. Courses focus on improving student’s logical, analytical and lateral thinking skills which are essential for university applications and interviews.

The Professional Series

Young Columnist Programme

Students will explore various genres and techniques such as narratives and other literary creations. Simultaneously, students will be able to apply what they have learnt by being exposed to distinctive "thinking training" through the portrayals of a satirist, historian, psychologist, critic and social journalist.

Young Lawyer Programme

(Curriculum & Materials Developed by Legal Professionals and Law Students)

Equip students with the ability to communicate eloquently, deliver powerful and persuasive speech with personal impact, comprehend and analyse written and verbal information logically, and compose responses in writing with good organisation and solid substance simulation.

Mini-Mooting & Advocacy Trial Court experience
Model United Nations, Legislative Simulation & Policies Making
Current Affairs Analysis & Knowledge Application
Practical Experience with Commercial, Criminal & Tort
Leadership in Leading Debates, Discussions & Political Events
Lateral Thinking Skills for LNAT (Law Admission Test)

Young Banker Programme

(Curriculum & Materials Developed by Investment Bankers, CFA/FRM Awardees)

Lectures on the basics of the business and financial industry, including knowledge and skills that students need as future bankers, managers and entrepreneurs; business case studies will be conducted, together with interactive activities such as Equity and Currency Flow Trading Games and Cash Flow simulations.  
Real Time Equity, Bullion, Currency Trading Game
Dragon’s Den Style Seed / Private Equity Fund Pitching Challenge
Option Pricing Model & Game Theory in Practice
Personal Finance Management Skills & Business Proposal Writing
Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) & Past I-Banker Interview Drills
Interactive Industry Insights through Experiential and Practical Business Case Studies

All-inclusive Enrolment Features:
  • Student handbook & notebook
  • Module end progress report
  • Tutor comments for every lesson
  • Parenting seminar with Oxbridge speakers
  • Handicraft ingredients & materials
  • Certificate of Excellence for selected high flyers
Taught by Native English Teachers
1 Hour / Lesson 8 Lessons / Module 6 Modules / Year Max 6 Students / Class

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