6 – 12 Years Old (P1 – P6)

The ability to communicate effectively starts with basic literacy skills – words and sentences representing different concepts.

Through interactive group tasks, our primary programmes lay the foundations for vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structuring all while equipping the students with the adequate skills to, and equip them with adequate skills to understand, appreciate and finally construct pieces of literature both powerfully and eloquently.

The Brilliance Series

The Brilliance Series incorporates challenging tasks, mind-blowing puzzles and interactive exercises to comprehensively stimulate achievement quotients (IQ, SiQ, CQ, EQ, and AQ) and heighten the competitiveness of the student.

The Golden Brain

A Collection of the World’s Most Thought-inspiring Intelligence Training Approaches:

Mensa Brain Taser & IQ Challenges
Herrmann’s Whole Brain Model
8D Problem-Solving Process & 5 Whys Method
Existential & Interpersonal Intelligence
Heuristic Methods, Rule of Thumb
Multiples Prospective & Reflective Thinking

Little Scientist

Combination of different fields of science with training of logical thinking and critical thinking:

Develop Individual Hypothesis and Reasoning
Design and Conduct Scientific Experiments
Enhance Problem Solving Ability
Analyse and Explain Results Logically
Gear up for Physics and Chemistry Olympiad

The Linguist Series

The ability to communicate effectively starts with basic literacy skills - words and sentences representing different concepts. With group interactive tasks, the Linguist Series lays the foundations for vocabulary, grammar and sentence structuring, while equipping students with the adequate skills needed to understand, appreciate and finally construct powerful pieces of literature.

Little Ambassador

Possess the self-confidence to speak in front of a crowd Explore different ways to organise information & highlight the focal points Acquire persuasive articulation techniques to charm over the audience

Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Linguistic Reasoning
Active & Empathic Listening Tournaments
Mini Debating, Mini Public Speaking & Model United Nations
Impromptu information Analysis & Consolidation Challenges
Emotion Manipulation with Classic Literature Performances

Little Author

Discover all styles & genres of creative writing to lay a strong foundation Break through the mundane restrictions of conventional compositions homework Find the fun in being a Journalist, a Playwright and a respected Novelist

Snowflake Method (Composition & Creation of a Novel)
Four Square Writing Method (Persuasive Writing Training)
The Inverted Pyramid (Journalistic Writing)
Literature Appreciation (In-depth Analysis on Epic Works)
Literary Techniques (Descriptive & Dramatic Writing)

All-inclusive Enrolment Features:
  • Student handbook & notebook
  • Module end progress report
  • Tutor comments for every lesson
  • Parenting seminar with Oxbridge speakers
  • Handicraft ingredients & materials
  • Certificate of Excellence for selected high flyers
Taught by Native English Teachers
1 Hour / Lesson 8 Lessons / Module 6 Modules / Year Max 6 Students / Class

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