2.5 – 6 Years Old (K1 – K3)

Famous psychologist Noam Chomsky attested that kindergarten years are the MOST CRITICAL when it comes to a child’s learning, due to their heightened sensitivity to intellectual and linguistic stimuli.

Based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) – the British National Curriculum for early ages places an emphasis on the following: languages, logic, creativity, and mathematical development, as growth within these areas can increase your child’s IQ by up to 30%.

The Intelligence Series

Little Inventor

Students will be trained to balance their logical thinking and problem solving ability with creativity and sensitivity for better holistic brain development in young Einsteins.

Formation of Expression Concepts
Constructive Plans and Projects
Systematic Information Analysis
Data Consolidation and Processing

The Language Series

Oxbridge Phonics

A phonics system created based on the EYFS Phonetic Advancement Curriculum - the official British phonics education system.

Phonological Awareness
Authentic British Education
Word & Sentence Formation
Expanded Vocabulary Base & Recognition

Junior Authorship

Accelerated Enhancement of Spelling, Vocabulary, Reading and Writing Abilities

Extensive Word Acquisition
Improved Spelling Accuracy
Compound Words and Sentence Formation
Ability to Produce a Complete Story
Enhanced Reading Comprehension

All-inclusive Enrolment Features:

  • Student handbook & notebook
  • Module end progress report
  • Tutor comments for every lesson
  • Parenting seminar with Oxbridge speakers
  • Handicraft ingredients & materials
  • Certificate of Excellence for selected high flyers
Taught by Native English Teachers

1 Hour / Lesson
8 Lessons / Module
6 Modules / Year
Max 6 Students / Class

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