MMI Workshop 2017: Interactive MMI Practice With Norton House

 Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Workshop at Norton House


On October 29th 2017, students and parents gathered at Norton House for an afternoon of Medical School preparation. This time, the focus was on the notorious Multiple Mini Interview (MMI), a highly demanding and engaging series of interactive medical-related tasks prospective students must successfully complete in order to gain acceptance. The day was hosted and run by Norton House’s expert Medical School Admissions Team, and participants were able to experience what they could expect during their soon-to-come MMI experience.

2017年10月29日,學生及家長都聚首一堂,為了參與由諾德教育舉辦的MMI (迷你面試) 工作坊。該工作坊由一眾香港大學醫學生組成的教學團隊主持,分享不少獨家資訊給在場人士。各位立志入讀本港醫學系的學生都專注地聽取講者的分享,務求提升考入香港大學醫學系的機會。

Multiple Mini Interview MMI Medical School Admissions


Our series of stations on the day aimed at assessing students’ different abilities, and a Q&A session followed whereby the Medical School experts could offer first-hand advice as to how to tackle the toughest of MMI questions.


Multiple Mini Interview MMI Medical School Admissions


We would like to thank everyone for coming, we hope you all had a great time and learnt some practical information you can use when it’s your turn to undertake your MMI. A special shout out to the participants from Sha Tin College – thank you for being such great participants!

最後,我們感謝大家到訪,希望您們都過得充實及愉快。請您們在MMI時,善用在諾德教育學習到實用的知識,助您入學成功。 同時,感謝沙田書院的老師和學生積極參與是次活動!

Multiple Mini Interview MMI Medical School Admissions


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