ICAEF x CAPS Venture


2015 marked the birth of International Chinese Academy Education Foundation (ICAEF), a new-generation organisation dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence. In this quest for educational transcendence, ICAEF is responsible for the establishment of top quality institutions including schools, research institutes, and consulting units.


Our mission to revitalise Chinese culture and philosophies is catalysed by the promotion of educational values and scholastic principles throughout our projects. By doing so, our campaigns effectively embody the integration of Chinese elements in contemporary global perspectives. When all of these aspects are combined, ICAEF aims to build an innovative paradigm in academic and intellectual development that ensures learning becomes an attitude and a way of life – effectively moulding students into future pioneers of society.




Chinese Academy Primary School (CAPS)

Chinese Academy is a private primary school, under preparation, jointly established by Confucius Hall of Hong Kong and the International Chinese Academy Education Foundation (ICAEF).  Sharing the same beliefs with Confucius Hall, which has a history of 80 years, the ICAEF is a visionary organisation aimed at promoting the integration of traditional Chinese culture and global perspectives so as to nurture talents and better the future of humanity.


Chinese Academy is the first major milestone of ICAEF’s vision of an elite, through-train system that integrates the best of Chinese and western traditions from primary to secondary education, preparing students for top universities around the world.


Future Plans


Chinese Academy Kindergarten (CAK)

Future plans include the establishment of further academic resources in order to ensure an all-rounded and balanced approach when it comes to education with the Chinese Academy family. This is to ensure that our philosophy of “through-train education” is maintained, and the first step of this academic experience would be the Chinese Academy Kindergarten (CAK).


One of the many aims of the CAK is to introduce students to the idea of premium education, regardless of background, via a globalised curriculum. More specifically, this extensive school-based curriculum will focus on comprehensive social and interpersonal development in addition to other educational elements which are key for young brains. Furthermore, an emphasis will be placed on traditional Chinese ideals for truly holistic development. When all of this is combined, our students will possess a strong foundation and the skills necessary for them to become future leaders.


Chinese Academy Secondary School (CASS)

The notion of a through-train education is continued with the Chinese Academy Secondary School (CASS). Similarly to the Chinese Academy Primary School (CAPS) and Chinese Academy Kindergarten (CAK), the CASS embodies a globalised curriculum designed by top educators from around the world. Extensive opportunities will be made available to students for cultural exchanges and academic tours to world top universities. Within the halls of these premium educational institutions, students will receive first-hand advice and guidance from renown educators within their respective departments.


Additionally, comprehensive University Admission Coaching & Advisory will be made available for all year 10 to 12 students. IBDP and GCE A-Level will be the desired course of action when it comes to top university admission preparation and internationally recognised qualifications. Students will undertake GCSE as their first step towards academic success.


CASS students will also be able to experience leadership as well as community outreach opportunities to enhance their whole person development. Learning is a never ending, lifelong process, and activities outside of the classroom contribute just as much to a student’s overall development. Syllabi will be taught and conducted using only the most cutting-edge teaching methodologies and approaches, carefully constructed and designed by world-renown educators.



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