Oxbridge Study Clinic
An Exclusive Complementary Study Clinic

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“An exclusive opportunity for free access to the Norton House Academic Team for any enquiries you may have when it comes to education. Any subject, any question, you are guaranteed to have a tailored answer within 6 – 48 hours.” – Josephine Tsoi, MA, Cambridge, Admission Coach at Norton House.


Our Philosophy

Here at Norton House, we believe that everyone should have the chance for an education and the resources to continuously strive for knowledge. Learning is a lifelong process, and students should not be restrained to classroom time in order for their minds to develop. It is the responsibility of a teacher to teach their students until they understand the topic, and understand it well. If a student leaves your classroom, still dumbfounded at what has been discussed, the job has not been done and more time and effort is needed. 

It is for these reasons that the Norton House Global Education Initiative (Registered Charity No.: 91/13378) has started one of Hong Kong’s only exclusive and premium complementary Study Clinics, available to all students in Hong Kong for any subject they may be having difficulty with. Contact our Oxbridge team via one of the available communication channels, and let us get back to you.


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