NHAAA Celebratory Event

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What is the NHAAA?

As proud members under the Norton House Global Education Initiative (Registered Charity No.: 91/13378), the Norton House Admission Alumni Association (NHAAA) acts as one of Hong Kong’s most exclusive post-scholastic alumni unions. Having been established in 2017 by top scholars from world renowned universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, the NHAAA is an academic body that serves to provide opportunities for the most brilliant minds from Hong Kong and the UK to assimilate and discuss world-changing topics. By undertaking your fruitful academic journey with Norton House, you are officially qualified for acceptance to such an organisation.


Celebratory Event

To celebrate our record Oxbridge admission offers for 2017, Norton House has arranged an exclusive Celebratory Event to take place on April 9th 2017 for the brightest student community in Hong Kong.

Celebratory Event

Award Collage

The NHAAA was proud to announce the successful benefactors of the first-ever internship scheme arranged with The Adventist Hospital. Now, prospective medical students will have the chance to experience life as a medical practitioner in a real hospital environment. We would like to thank The Adventist Hospital for arranging such a prestigious opportunity for our valued students. We look forward to hearing about what you all learnt during your experiences! Click here to read about the award ceremony during Chapter 3 of our Careers Day!


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