“The Greatest Pen” Trophy

“The Greatest Pen” trophy is no ordinary trophy

Being the best writer out of over 1,000 contestants in Hong Kong and Macau, the winner of ”The Greatest Pen” will be recognised as the top writer and have their essay read and appreciated by thousands.

Champion Prize of Junior & Intermediate Group

Oxbridge Summer Exchange Tour 2014

Fully Sponsored by Ms. Angela Leong

The Oxbridge Summer Exchange Tour o ers participants a unique opportunity to experience the life of an actual Oxford and Cambridge student for 2 weeks. Being immersed in a challenging academic atmosphere, students will participate in a variety of interactive activities and attempt to solve complex problems and scenarios. These activities are designed to enhance and practise students’ lateral thinking skills through approaching problems in multiple perspectives.

Furthermore, students will be taught by academic sta , tutors and researchers of Cambridge University and Oxford University to explore the most authentic experience of study life there. Interactive lectures and tutorials will be held within the actual campus, including departments and colleges. This increases students’ exposure, and hence stimulates their minds and curiosity to learn, and propels them forward through any challenges they will face.

Champion Prize of Advanced Group

University Admissions Coaching & Advisory Scheme

Intensive Training for University Applications –
Personal Statement & Admission Interview

Fully Sponsored by Norton House Education & Upper House Academy

Norton House and Upper House Admission Coaching and Advisory Scheme is a 1-to-1 mentorship scheme on university admissions. Conducted personally by Oxbridge graduates, it is an all-round scheme designed for talented students.

Through intensive training on admission interview and personal statement, students are equipped with the necessary skills such as critical and logical thinking skills to tackle abstract and challenging problems or scenarios they will face during the university admission process. Utilising the ability to tackle problems strategically and logically can bene t students in the future when faced with complex problems in society.

Focusing on JUPAS, UCAS, Non-JUPAS and Common Applications, past students have received the most prestigious o ers around the world, including Cambridge, Oxford, LSE, UCL, HKU, CU, HKUST, MIT, UPenn and Harvard.

Become a Published Writer

The champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd-runner up winners of each group will have their essays published in SCMP Young Post. All top 100 essays will be published into an anthology.

Cash Prizes

The 1st runner-up of each group will receive a cash prize of $3,000.

The 2nd runner-up of each group will receive a cash prize of $2000.

Eslite VIP Membership

Eslite Winners’ Sharing Session

Winners will be invited to eslite for a sharing sessionon 13th April from 3:00pm to 4:30pm

Certificate of Merit

Oxford University Press Reference Books

Scholarship for Special Enrichment Programme

Sponsored by Norton House Education, scholarships are awarded to Top 100 contestants to further their ability in expressing their comments and judgement through writing and speaking, as well as being able to think independently and critically.

Education Scholarship

Scholarship for Special Enrichment Programme

Sponsored by Norton House Education

Striving to nurture students’ ability to express ideas and opinions from multi- dimensional perspectives, special enrichment programmes sponsored and delivered by Norton House Education encourage students to think independently and critically, and approach social issues from multiple perspectives, aiming at training students to utilise critical, analytical, logical and lateral thinking. These scholarships enable one to write and speak eloquently and further arouse social awareness towards identity, society, culture and law.

Young Lawyer Programme

The Young Lawyer Programme equips students with the ability to communicate eloquently, deliver powerful and persuasive speech with personal impact, comprehend and analyse written and verbal information logically, and compose responses in writing with good organisation, solid substance and stimulation via the usage of real legal case studies and details.

Young Banker Programme

Lectures on the basics of business and nancial industry, including knowledge and skills that students need as future bankers, managers and entrepreneurs; business case studies will be conducted, together with interactive activities such as Equity and Currency Flow Trading Games and Cash Flow simulations to foster a conscious mind.


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