Special thanks to Ms. Angela Leong and Mr. William Kuan for their generous sponsorship towards the Junior Writers Awards 2014 (1st Annual). Without their support towards improving literacy level within Hong Kong and Macau, this event would not be as successful and outstanding.

Principal Benefactress

Ms. Angela Leong

Vice Chairman of the Board, Po Leung Kuk

Member of the Legislative Assembly, Macau

Ms. Angela Leong is a member of the Macau Legislative Assembly and the Chief Executive Election Committee of Macao SAR and a trustee of the Macau Foundation. She is an advocate for positive social development and stability and is a consultant for the Macau Basic Law Promotion Association.

Her social and humanitarian work is not only limited to Macau as she is also an active contributor to public and charity service in Hong Kong. As the Vice Chairman of Po Leung Kuk, she is involved in protecting and nurturing the younger generations through providing high quality education and instilling in them the values required to become strong members of society. Ms. Leong has initiated and participated in many social e orts to foster the spirit of care for the young and underprivileged and promote harmony and positive social progression in the community in both Macau and Hong Kong.


Mr. William Kuan

Chairman, Youth Dreams Association

William Kwan Wai Lam, a leading entrepreneur and philanthropist in Macau, holds diplomas in construction project management, sports management and surveying. He is also a World Squash Federation-accredited coach. Mr Kwan is an active promoter of arts and sports development in Macau. He sits on the committees of several arts and sports associations, including the Macao Sports Committee and the Performing Art Association of Macao.

As a devout Buddhist, Mr Kwan is also actively involved in public service and charity. He is Vice President of the Social Well-being and Social Welfare Research Foundation and President of the Macao Association of Responsible Gaming. Apart from devoting time and money to help the disadvantaged in Macau, Mr Kwan has also made donations to help build schools and hospitals in mainland China.


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