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It has been an exceptional year for our Admission Coaching students, not only have we attained numerous offers from the world's top universities, we are also among the earliest in town to have received these offers.

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Jasmine C.

Admitted to Law, University of Cambridge with Prince Philip Scholarship

除了對我升學的整體策略規劃外,在Norton House獲得的最大幫助是替我選擇報讀劍橋大學、應報讀該校的哪一個學院和鼓勵並引領我考取大學的獎學金,這些都是很難在學校或自己在其他地方找到適合的資訊和幫助。在個人自述、入學面試和獎學金面試方面的指導和訓練都讓我知道應該包括什麼內容和論述、用上什麼表達技巧、引用什麼實際例子、需注意什麼社交禮儀等等。導師們亦有替我安排到國際律師行實習,讓我認識到行內的專業人士,能跟他們詳細交流,都是一般中學生難得的機會。

Long Long C.

Admitted to Economics, Cambridge

I found the courses at Norton House very useful, practical and had to request for more sessions. During which I not only gained insights into interview techniques, but also a preview into the life at Cambridge. I felt that the trainings were very applicable and helpful, as I was more comfortable in delivering what I wanted to express I am now at Cambridge reading Economics and, for that, I sincerely appreciate the support Norton House has provided. The mentors at Norton House are truly very knowledgeable. I am glad to have joined their league to be an Oxbridge student.

Venice M.

Admitted to Law, University of Oxford

My admission consultants have helped me with understanding the requirements of LNAT, an entrance exam to law schools. In the sessions, they helped me develop suitable skills and adopt an appropriate mentality when facing the exam. They also spent time preparing me for my admission interviews, during which I build confidence and organization in presenting myself. Overall, my time with Norton House has been joyful and rewarding.

Reo S.

Admitted to Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge

My 8-month-long experience in the Admissions Coaching Scheme at Norton House had been excellent as I was able to complete a unique but strong personal statement and also gain experience and confidence in my interview skills. I believe that my time spent at Norton House has been exceptional and irreplaceable.

Divya V.

St. Paul’s Convent School

Participating in the Easter Intelligence Quiz did not only boost my analytical and logical thinking skills, but also gave me the opportunity to think out of the box while completing the quiz. I believe that by having such quizzes, it gives us Senators the chance to challenge ourselves as we spend time relaxing during our vacations. I would like to thank Norton House for their continuous encouragement and thought towards making us think in an independent and flexible way. Overall, I truly appreciate the final result and recognition I have received from Norton House.

Stefan L.

Admitted to Medicine, Queen Mary & Queen’s Belfast

I’m happy to say that the interview process I undertook at Norton House went a long way in helping me gain admission into both medical schools.

Fennel T.

Admitted to Engineering, University of Cambridge

I would like to thank Norton House for giving me so much help throughout my university application. It has been a memorable voyage with you. I find the Admission Coaching Scheme offered by Norton House very fruitful. Their tutors provided me with useful guidance on every step in the university application.

Kevin W.

Admitted to Chemistry, Imperial College London

Tutors at Norton House are very kind and helpful. I have learnt a lot of useful techniques in writing my personal statement, and skills in excelling in interviews. It has been a wonderful and enriching experience. Thank you Norton House for assisting me throughout my university application!

Helen N.

Admitted to Urban Planning, Design and Management, UCL

Thank you very much for arranging the Green Templeton College Dinner at Oxford with Dr. Lau. And thanks for everything that you have done helping me to get through such a hard time applying to university and preparing me for my future!

Thomas H.

Admitted to Law, King’s College London

Before starting the Admission Coaching and Advisory Scheme at Norton House, I did not know where to start on applications to any country. But my coach, Vickie, was a great help. She told me the deadlines for each part of the application (i.e. when I had to start preparing the SATs, LNAT, and personal statement).

Kate T.

Admitted to Global Business, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Before coming to Norton House, I was truly anxious and worried under the new HKDSE system, not knowing what the future may hold. I was fortunate to have my mentor at Norton House, who has meticulously and professionally guided me through this most important transition of my academic life, the process includes expert insights on the HK and UK university systems, subjects and university choices, comparison between study life in the UK and HK, and etc. The training process here has been of personal enlightenment to me, which made me understand my personal strengths and weaknesses more. My most vivid experience at Norton House is that my mentor paid attention to literally every single detail of my admission process, in particular my personal statement, which my mentor and I had to revise till midnight on several occasions. Had there been no input by my mentor, my personal statement would not have achieved such quality. That is why I keep recommending Norton House’s programmes to other students who wish to succeed.

Edith Y.

Admitted to Accounting & Finance, LSE

I had the chance to join the Young Banker Insight Programme at Credit Suisse and this gave me more ideas about my future path. The admission consultants are friendly and they taught me how to write a professional and impressive personal statement. Norton House and its admission coaching scheme have turned me into an organized person.

Grace K.

Admitted to BBA Law, HKU

I would recommend the Admission Coaching Scheme and Norton House to my friends and family. The support and advice that I got here are hugely beneficial to my future academic and professional pursuit. My consultant always answers my questions patiently With detailed explanations And I am grateful for his mentorship. The experience that I had in Norton House is really fruitful and rewarding, and programmes that I joined, such as the Young Lawyer Programme and the writing courses are really useful as well.

Antonia C.

Admitted to Law, LSE & BBA Law, HKU

My admission consultant helped me with my personal statement, as well as ensuring I made the correct choices when it came to selecting universities via appropriate guidance. The mentor relationship Norton House has with its students is truly beautiful.

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